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Health & Wellness

Early Childhood Heath & Wellness

Early Childhood Developmental Screenings

Babies in Playroom

A FREE individualized, confidential developmental conversation/screening for your children. Learn about milestones and discover ways to enhance your infant or toddler’s development.


You will learn about how to incorporate learning into your everyday routines to strengthen their development. Additionally, help parents to understand your child's developmental milestones. 

30 minute time slots on March 1 between 9:15 and 11:30am at the Broomfield Public Library. SIGN UP HERE.

Need in registering? Email us at

Early Childhood Heath & Wellness

Early Childhood Health & Wellness

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Health and wellness is a fundamental component of a child's development and ongoing learning. Health in early childhood can improve learning and well being through adulthood. Important components include mental health, physical health, behavioral health, reaching developmental milestones, therapies (occupational, physical, speech, etc).


In order to have the utmost health, a comprehensive approach that incorporates these important components should be delivered to all children. The Council works to support families having this approach and supports health providers in offering this approach through partnership. 

Need support in finding services and support? Email us at

Mental Health Accessibility in Broomfield

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Accessibility to mental health providers can be a challenging issue in Broomfield. We seek to support children and families find mental health providers through out our county by assisting them in finding providers available.

Additionally, collaboration is a key component to support healthy, thriving children. 

Please refer to our mental health map in Broomfield and the methodology for which we found. This tool can be helpful in building partnerships and finding mental health providers in this county.


Mental Health Map

Mental Health Mapping Report

Mental Health Consultation- Kids Connects

Mental Health

Resources for Child Development, Health & Wellness

Resources for Child Development
Child at Psychologist

Get Involved in BECC Health & Wellness

Upcoming Events / Meetings

  • The Health and Wellness Committee meet the second Tuesday of every month at 8am, locations may change. 

    • The Health and Wellness committee looks to include partners in all realms of health and wellness in order to build partnership and coordinate care of patients who have multiple health providers.  Our goal is to ensure that children have a comprehensive approach to health care through the model of medical home.

  • Meetings are networking, discussing client issues (confidentiality) and problem solving, and seeking to create a stronger system by creating ways to open communication between health providers and ensure that health care is comprehensive.  

  • Contact Jessica Jones for more information

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